React Native: Call Your Mom app made in 24 hours for #Hack4Health


Brainstorming an app idea

  • A kids education app using gamification.
  • An emotional diagnostic app.
  • A motivational habit app using Tamagotchi-like pets motivates you to take care of yourself by taking care of them.
  • A friend-finding app based on shared interests.
  • A digital dog walking app where you walk a virtual dog.
  • A social platform for study buddies

Creating a list of app features

Creating rough mockups for the app flow

  • make a phone call. This is surprisingly easy in react native. You can trigger this function on some event (the push of a “Call Your Mom” button), and it will open the call app on the user’s device with the pre-entered phone number.
  • Navigate between the settings, home, and call history screens. We also added some placeholders for the screens with whatever rough mock functionality existed at the time.
  • Add global storage through react-redux and redux-persist so that we could take the information provided by the user (such as their mom’s phone number) and store it. It’s important to note that you should do this on a server for both functionality and security reasons. But we only had 24 hours, and this is a proof of concept, not the ideal implementation of the app.
  • Track each time the user calls their mom through the app to keep a list of call history. Ideally, the app would integrate directly with call history on the device, but we didn’t have time to get fancy.

The final round of mockups

Updating the app with the new design

Presenting the app

We make it to the finals!

Wrapping up




Software Engineer. I create educational content focused on technology for mobile and web applications.

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Brooklin Myers

Brooklin Myers

Software Engineer. I create educational content focused on technology for mobile and web applications.

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