From Elixir Newbie to Elixir Developer: Create Your Learning Path.

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Your Elixir Learning Path.

Deciding what you should learn is critical. You need to be exposed to new information and understand what the Elixir ecosystem looks like.

Learn Basic Elixir Syntax.

Elixir School is a great place to start. They do a great job ordering topics from beginner to advanced and from most important to less important.

Apply Basic Elixir Syntax.

To learn and comprehend the information in Elixir School. You’re going to need to apply the information. Programming challenge sites are a great way to use Elixir to solve small technical problems before working your way up to larger projects.

Create Elixir Projects.

Once you’re ready to start applying Elixir to creating projects, Alchemist Camp is a free resource for follow-along projects with Elixir.

Learn Phoenix.

If you’re interested in web development in Elixir, then Phoenix is the go-to framework.

  • Routing: How to route incoming requests to the controller responsible for handling them.
  • Controllers: Modules whose functions are called by the router in response to incoming requests.
  • Views and Templates: Views render the body of the response to be sent back to the client. Templates build the body for the view to render.
  • Ecto: Handles data validation and persistence in Elixir and Phoenix applications. For a brief guide on Ecto, you can read my summary Ecto with Phoenix in 4 Minutes.
  • Testing: Write automated tests for the modules in your application.
  • Debugging: How to debug your Phoenix/Elixir application.
  • HTML: The standard markup for creating web pages.
  • CSS/SCSS: Learn how to style your HTML elements.

Going Beyond.

By working on real-world applications, you’ll encounter problems and learn about concepts you would have a hard time covering on your own side projects.



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