How to Useuse’ and ‘__using__’ Usefully In Your Modules.

Information on ‘use’ is Hard to Find.

I found learning ‘use’ unintuitive. Partially because I think it’s hard to find documentation for.

  • ‘use’ is not searchable: Google searching “how to use ‘use’ in elixir” doesn’t return much information.
  • ‘use’ is hidden in the elixir documentation: It’s in…

When You Optimize For Thinking Speed, Then 1 + 1 = 3.

Pairing is the process of creating software collaboratively. It’s usually done between 2 developers though other forms of it involve more people.

Typically one person will be the navigator, and the other person will be the driver.

The Driver.

The driver is the person who controls the keyboard. The driver worries about…

Brooklin Myers

Software Engineer. I create educational content focused on technology for mobile and web applications.

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